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International consulting services 
Urban or city we can help you to clean waste water, to clean water with the lowest cost available using the existing equipment with some modification needed .Adding air to the system, the bacteria can grow and neutralize the wastewater, plus adding (pac) the phosphorus sink to the bottom of the tank .Allowing the water to enter the next chamber to settle down before its being pump out to the environment.
Why we do it ? Ground water is the most precious thing we got ,we have the same problem all over the world drinking water is contaminated with bacteria.
People swimming, getting infected with carnivorous bacteria.
Our staff will take care of the service and maintenance and when to order cleaning off tank If needed, we can pump out the waste water untreated to other locations in a small pipe .
When working on foodmarkets we need to collect the water pump it to 3 tanks where its treated before its released. size and price depends on amount water discharge.check water bill to find out.

Step 1.Measure the existing tank ,Take photo or get original plan mail it to us.(
Step 2. We calculate and send you STP plan , install or send instructions .
Step 3. Pumping air in to the system ,after 1 week it´s  starting to dissolve and turning into liquid.
Step 4. Analyse the result.
Starting price approximately 15-20000 Peso. Running cost approx, 7000 peso a year(replacing compressor, cleaning the unit) money back guarantee if not pass the DENR standards.

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